Jennifer Cawelti M.S. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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I graduated from California Lutheran University with a master of science degree in Counseling Psychology. I have dedicated my life to being a therapist because I have a strong desire to help others around me. I believe that everyone can reach their greatest potential and I am thrilled when I see someone grow and change for the better.
I have had a wonderful journey as a therapist, having differing experiences in my training. I have many years of experience working with teens and children with a variety of problems. I have dealt with grief counseling, behavioral problems, depression, anxiety and special needs. I have worked with many parents on problems with their children and helped them to learn new parenting skills to cope with new behaviors.
Throughout my years of training and work I have seen many families dealing with the aftermath of divorce. Unfortunately many people seek help while they are going through their separation, but find new challenges to dealing with the new divorce situation. Children often need time to adjust to their new life and find new ways to communicate their feelings and needs. I work to help the divorced family continue to work together, get the children to talk about their feelings and help the parents co-parent through a difficult situation.