Kidneys Quest

June 18th, 2011

Kidney Quest: 6/18/11
I had a wonderful experience with working with the Kidneys Quest Foundation on Saturday.  I have been running group therapy sessions now with the foundation for three months.  This week we had a new group of people to come to the session and talk.  I enjoyed talking with everyone and seeing the new interactions people have.
One thing really stood out to me during this session was the support.  I watched as people who had not met before this session talk about their experiences and offered help to each other.  One new member talked about her recent diagnosis of kidney failure.  My heart went out to her.  I could not imagine dealing with that diagnosis at such a young age and having to try to find ways to continue her life as normal as she can.  She was optimistic about her future and talked about her options.  
Immediately the other members of the group chimed in with their life experience and ways they have been managing their disease for years.  They talked to her about their limitations, but also the way they have found balance through kidney failure and how they are still able to work, play and socialize.  After people gave her their advice and experiences they started to offer up their support.  Each person talked to her about where she can go for information and how they were available to talk to if she had questions.  They even extended their kindness to her family, who might also have questions and concerns.  
Being able to talk to other people who have experienced what you have experienced is invaluable.  Here was a group of people who wanted to help and wanted to be there for a woman they had just met.  There are times in my life I am reminded of the genuine spirit which resides in people.  I see people who want to help, people who want to change and people who give their hearts to those in need.  I feel blessed to be around such people and to watch them connect and offer what they have to give.