Parenting: Creativity

Tips on Parenting: Creativity
I remember when I was young and got into trouble.  My mother would ask me if I wanted a spanking or a creative punishment.  Oddly enough creative punishment was far scarier to me then the idea of a spanking and I would never opt for the creative punishment option.  Without realizing it, my parents were employing what I now consider to be a cornerstone of good parenting, creativity.
There is no one book out there that will give you all the magical answers to parenting.  There are so many styles between people, generations and cultures, how can one parenting technique be correct.  I don’t believe that there is a correct parenting style, more that people must match their parenting style to their child.  Now this takes creativity.  
New parents are going to make mistakes.  This is fine and part of the learning process.  I suggest to people to be creative with their children to find what works.  You might get advice from a friend or family member about ways to discipline your child.  I always encourage you to try the technique, you might find that it works like a charm, or on the flip side, doesn’t help your cause at all.  When something doesn’t work, get creative and try something else.  If at first you don’t succeed, try something else.  This is a great rule for parenting since each child responds to different things.  
Creativity will also come in handy as your child gets older.  You will find that your once obedient 10 year old changes as they enter the surly preteen years and on.  Here is the time to get creative and try some new parenting skills.  Children change each day of their lives and the parents need to adapt with their children.
Here are some great ways to work with your preteen.  Collaborate with them on the rules of the house and the consequences of not following those rules.  Set up positive consequences for behaviors which you would like to promote.  Listen to your child’s needs as well.  Teens often feel that no one is listening.  You would be amazed at how far listening to your teen can go.  Don’t be afraid to try something and explain to the child that you will try something with them.  Explain that if something doesn’t work that you will change it.  Your child will be grateful for the boundaries, even if they don’t express that to you directly