Please contact me if there is a workshop you are interested in that is not on the list.

Connecting with the Adolescent in Your Life- Where’s my sweet baby and who replaced him with this surly teen?.

Parenting through Divorce- A guide to dealing with your ex-spouse, children, and the challenges of divorce.

Parenting 101- How to teach your child the lessons they need to learn in life.

Self Esteem and Bullying- Change bullying by unlocking the keys to higher self esteem.

Parenting in the Digital Age- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Why can’t I get my child to talk to me?.

Communication- Why doesn’t anyone listen to me and how can I get you to understand me better.

Bonding to Your Child- I want to get closer to my child and build lasting bonds.

Stress and the Busy LIfe- How 5 minutes a day can reduce stress in your life.